Krissie (princesskrissie) wrote,

For those who don't know, the forever blonde hair is now red.
Don't ask why - it's a long, long story. Just accept it.
Now that we've gotten that out of the way:

If it's possible, things are looking up and down and sideways all at the same time.

I got a new job - working 3rd shift at a super nice hotel near our house.
It's not difficult, and I'm getting paid to basically sit and read or play online until 7 in the morning.
It's full time, which is great cash-wise, but I'm super tired. I'm still working 20 hours at Disney every week, and then doing all of Beth's stuff on top of it.

Beth's lia sophia stuff isn't incredibly demanding, it's just important that I get it all done by deadlines.
She doesn't pressure me, and honestly none of it is life or death, I just like to be done right and perfect.
Disney stresses me out only because I have to flipping drive an hour each way.

It's been decided. This growing up stuff is complete crap.
I'm working 3 jobs, finding out if I got one beginning in August on Friday, all to fix finances and be alright when I move out of here...what is that?

Beth doesn't want me working so much, and I understand why, but I also need to make it clear that it's kindof necessary...Lord knows I'd live here forever if I could, but it's just not practical.
Eventually there will be rent again...and soon, a car payment.
That's right, we're saying goodbye to the GUE in the fall.
There will be details posted about the memorial service to be held in his honor, approximately early September.

It's been a great car...gotten me across our country and Canada (a few times), but it's just racking up the miles and hating it...eating up gas like it's going out of's time for my Bug. And while I'm saddened at the loss of our big green friend, I'm excited for the little cute one that will replace him.

More little and cute things:
4 kittens and a mommy cat live in our yard now.
Paris, Nicole, Smokey, Mama and Nibbler (Nibs).
They're precious. I feed them. I love them. It's beautiful.

So yes. There are many animals around this house...7 cats...2 puppies...BJ...

So many things are changing.
I went from one almost full time job, and a part time one, to two part time jobs and a full time job with another part time job on it's way in August.

Is it so bad to not be alright with living paycheck to paycheck?
It's not that I want the ability to buy things on a whim. I honestly want to bank everything that I can.

I just...I had a plan.
And my plan totally hasn't been working out.

Damn it I need something to work out.

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