Krissie (princesskrissie) wrote,

I'm so tired...and I can't sleep until at the earliest - Friday.

I have to leave here [the hotel] right at 7:30, go let out le pups, and then head to Disney. The only reason I'm not pissed off about being scheduled back-to-back with jobs, is that I get to work with Kimba.

That girl is my sanity.

None of you are going to care about this next section, so just skip it if you want.

Work at the hotel tonight has been computers ALL crashed at least once, and then I had a hell of a time authorizing credit cards MANUALLY.
It's extremely difficult to enter in the entire credit card number when the computer only retains the last 4 digits on the I had to go back through guest files, find the numbers, write them down, enter them, shred the papers I'd written them it all over again because it didn't work the first time....lather, rinse repeat.
Then I was retarded, and ran an entire credit card batch and audit without bothering to back up the system.
So I had to call my friend Steven at tech support, listen to him make fun of me for being a dumb girl, and have him try and reverse it.

I like Steven at tech support.
He always answers when I call him.
He taps into my system...fixes all which I've f'ed up...he's a great guy.
He understands me when I say "The cord without the hook is in the little black box and the screen is doing that blinky thing where it doesn't work right until it gets a fax sent through."
I don't even know what I mean.
Sigh. Steven at tech support, I think I'm falling in love with you.
I can tell our relationship is going places.

The owner of the hotel called tonight, and the phone had been ringing like crazy, so instead of saying "Country Inn, this is Krissie how can I direct your call?" I answered with: "Country Inn".
He kept saying "Who is this? Who is this?"
(his English isn't super...)
and I kept repeating "Country Inn"....because I thought it was just some idiot with the wrong number....
and then he said "This is Matt - every time you answer you must say your name!"
I apologized...he seemed fine with it, but good lord I felt HORRIBLE.
Because you KNOW I got progressively bitchy-er every time I said "Country Inn..."

This experience was ALMOST as cool as when I answered the phone two nights ago by saying "Thank you for calling the Lansing Mall Disney Store this is Krissie---aw hell I'm sorry! Country Inn!"
...I am the worst employee EVER.
Or perhaps, just over tired.

[end hotel rant]

Tomorrow's forcast:
partly cloudy with an 87% CHANCE OF SARAH FLATT.
I hope we end up getting together.
I cancelled my hair appointment for her.

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