Krissie (princesskrissie) wrote,

mmm....alright eljay.

The bed bug issue has been solved - - we've got them at the hotel.
Specifically, (and exclusively) room 202 and the laundry room corner.
It's going to be taken care of while I'm out for my surgery...if I come back and those motherfuckers are still around, peace out kids. This hotel job is gone. I value my skin.

Speaking of the surgery, that's on Friday and sweet Jesus I'm nervous...last time it did NOT go well.
This time, however, Megan is going with me, so if nothing else I'll have someone to help me wobble to the car other than my mother on crutches.

I've been sitting here brainstorming uses for empty pringles cans.
I've been sitting here for about 2 hours and came up with about 3 decent ideas.
I called Meredith, got her advice, and she came up with about 15 perfectly useful suggestions in about 2 minutes.
Evidently my creativity is off tonight.

I don't have much else to report...other than SARAH FLATT I STILL MISS YOU LIKE CRAZY and I've been working a whole lot.

I'm nervous about this surgery, yes, but it *is* going to be a nice little vacay after recovery time is up.
10 days off work, bitches. Hoorah!

So yeah, if anyone is in The Roc th 14th-24th, I'll be there, with a Mexican, and we like hangouts.

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